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Welcome to WeBuyHomesInSavannah.com! We are so happy to have you here! You’re probably wondering who we are and how we are able to offer the services we do so let us do our best to explain. We noticed a big gap in the real estate industry that wasn’t being filled. We often would see homeowners that needed to sell their homes but selling the traditional way wouldn’t work for a ton of different reasons. Maybe they couldn’t afford to make the repairs needed, couldn’t afford to a pay a realtor, couldn’t afford to wait the 3-6 months that it often takes to sell traditionally, or any other reason. We thought, there has to be a better way to serve people in these situations.

After seeing this hole in the market, we decided to create a business that could offer a flexible customized selling solution to anyone that needs to sell but can’t sell the traditional way. We compiled a ton of cash which would enable us to pay cash and close on homes fast (sometimes in 7 days) and it would also enable us to buy homes completely as is. When banks aren’t involved then no repairs are required to be made.

We also made a pledge to really look deep into what issues homeowners were facing on an individual basis. Maybe moving everything in the home is going to be a challenge… no problem we can often have our crew help move and provide a truck and let you leave unwanted items in the house. Maybe you need money from the sale in order to move… No problem, we can let you rent back after the sale so you have time to figure everything out. Are there problem tenants that won’t pay rent or leave…? Let us handle that. We have done it many times and can buy with tenants in place. Whatever the issue is, we often times can come up with an out of the box solution to fix the issue.

We’ve been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions and have an experienced team that has seen it all and can handle any situation they are presented with. You don’t purchase as many homes as we have without knowing exactly what you are doing. We’ve been doing this a long time and have seen it all.

We aren’t the best fit for every homeowner but often times the solution we offer makes the most sense and there is no harm in chatting with us for a couple minutes so we can understand how to best serve you and then hearing our offer. If it doesn’t work for you no worries at all. We’ll part as friends and that’s it. We often times will give advice or refer you to contacts within our network that might be able to help you. Weather you work with us or someone else, as long as your needs are being met, that is all that matters to us. Call us or fill out any form on this site and we’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours to see how we can help. We look forward to serving you!

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